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Making menu works with Flash in SCS Slideshow

On one of the site that I recently setup uses flash image on the intro page. Luckily we have support for flash object via the SCS Slideshow feature where you can set an image of a flash object to be a part of your slide show.

In SCS Slideshow you can make both an image and flash be played together at a time on the slide.

Anyways, the issue was on of the menu which contains a submenu was hidden behind the flash object. No matter how big the z-index i am putting on the div which contains my menu it still wont go on top of the flash.

So with a click on google I come across with adobe's solution on this issue. The fix is to add a param with name set to wmode and value of transparent and embed tag would also need the wmode=transparent property.

<param  name="wmode"  value="transparent">

And since SCS uses article for all its content including Slideshow frames, that would mean we can have an easy access to set this items without even publishing page back to the server.

So using the Article Management page i simply went to the article which has the flash object, switch to source view and add those values. Saved and it works.

The comple how to is found here.