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Build Powerful Websites

Syrinx CS offers a large variety of options to help you build a powerful website.

Sell Products Online

Syrinx CS comes with many options to setup an online store, including shipping products, selling online memberships and more!

Flexible Image Options

Syrinx CS will automatically resize your images as needed. Create fancy borders around any image too!
Use our step by step guide to get you through an installation of Syrinx CS.
Its Free - Its Open Source!

Syrinx CS Features

Version 5.0 includes a wide collection of features built in. With Syrinx CS you dont need to assemble a bunch of plugins written by different groups of developers and hope it all works together properly. Pick the features you want to use and how you want your users to use them.

Content Management System

Manage articles, slide shows, forums, blogs, photo albums, media libraries, and more.


Manage products, option forms, online payments, sales orders, pricing options, shipping, and much more.

Site Data Management

Manage site backups, restores, and advanced site sync options including the ability. Create child sites with backups of other sites.


Manage multiple languages, countries, time zones, and currencies with built in support for auto translations with Google translate.


Manage events, event enrollment, and calendar views.


Manage people, places, businesses, and site users including support for Google maps. Use mail merge to keep in touch with your contacts.

Syrinx CS for Developers

There are many options for how Syrinx CS (SCS) can be used to create a web site, web application or even a regular desktop app. The heart of SCS is its middle tier business logic that provides the flexibility to work in a wide range of scenarios.


SCS comes with a wide range of custom ASP.NET controls and its own MVC pattern. Building web sites with ASP.NET is just the beginning; SCS can be used as the starting point for serious web applications that run enterprise systems.

Our ASP.NET framework works hand in hand with our JavaScript libraries to build ASP.NET pages that also do advanced jQuery UI, ajax and HTML5.


By leveraging PHP for .NET, SCS can provide an environment that includes a custom PHP library for building web sites using the Smarty template engine. Write PHP that directly accesses the SCS business logic via its Object Oriented PHP interface.

Use our Smarty template extensions to make building PHP pages a snap!


Whatever your server platform is, you can use JavaScript to access SCS web services for all of its functionality. SCS has a custom JavaScript library that works with jQuery that makes it easy to display articles, products, calendar events, contacts and other SCS data. Using SCS through its JavaScript framework is the best approach for leveraging your work in the browser and in various platforms building up on HTML5 such as our own desktop application, Android applications, Windows 8 as well as all the latest browsers.

.NET WinForm Desktop App

By leveraging the common UI foundation used in the ASP.NET environment, it is easier to build real desktop applications that work with the SCS business logic. The SWAF framework used by SCS provides a set of .NET WinForm controls and common MVC pattern used in ASP.NET.

You can also leverage the SCS JavaScript library to build HTML5 jQuery based pages that can run in the browser or run in the desktop app. When they run in the desktop app, they JavaScript library uses the back end web services directly in the desktop application.